What We Offer


  • We only use 100% all natural- regulations regarding the ratios of ingredients in a candle are not regulated and many use only the smallest amount of either natural wax or essential oils and list that they use natural ingredients. We ONLY use natural products to make our candles. Look for labels that list 100% all natural.

  • We only use 100% pure waxes- all of our waxes are pure100% soy, palm, and beeswax and are hypo-allergenic

  • Save with tiered discount- the more you purchase in one order, the more discount you receive.

  • Low cost on shipping- we try to minimize the cost of shipping for you as much as possible. We also try to process and ship as quickly as possible.

  • Handmade- the process required to make such beautiful candles takes detailed attention

  • Environmentally conscious- all production processes, including candle ingredients, making and packaging, are reviewed with minimal damage to our environment

  • Testimonials- view what others have said about our product