Candle Safety

Candle Safety

  • removethe paper label on the base of the candle before burning a candle not in a container

  • place burning candle out of reach from children and pets

  • never leave a burning candle unattended

  • never place a burning candle near other flammable material

  • never place a burning candle near open windows or drafts to avoid dripping or smoking

  • trim wick to ¼” to avoid uneven burning, polluting the wax, and excess flame- if flame flickers, then trim more

  • burn on a candle holder to avoid spills and heat damage on the surface of table

  • burn candle on flat stable surface

  • never burn candles as a night light

  • keep area where wax pools clean

  • read the directions before burning

  • completelyextinguish candle

  • allow spacing between multiple burning candles