Essential Oils Vs Chemical Oils


Essential oils are the basic essence of the plant- the best of the best parts of the plant. They are mixed and produced with chemicals to make perfumes and scents used in air fresheners and other candles. They are also used natural to also make perfumes, air fresheners and candles. The point is that the other chemicals often added to the oils can harm you more than help. Those chemicals can potentially cause allergies, brain damage, and even birth defects used in excess (see links below). When purchasing perfumes, air fresheners, melting wax, and even lotions and soap, be aware of the difference between good fragrance- 100% natural or organic fragrance and chemical fragrance. If used correctly, 100% natural or organic essential oils will actually improve health, even if your original intent of air fresheners was the reason for purchase.


This information is becoming widely known, especially among manufacturers, so the sale of essential oils is mass marketed. What many may have not made clear is the distinction between good essential oils and poor essential oils. Because essential oils come from plants, we have to look at crops and harvesting techniques. Most plants have pest problems so farmers spray chemicals that the plants absorb and when harvested become part of the essential oil makeup. So when the plants are processed for the oils, the chemicals are combined with in the natural oils. Using essential oils made from plants that were sprayed with chemicals are practically just as harmful as the ones with added chemicals. So, if you purchase essential oil items not specified as 100% all natural, wild crafted, or organic, you can be causing yourself more harm. What you need to purchase are essential oils made from plants not sprayed or wild crafted, all natural, or organic.


What you need to be aware of, is when purchasing items with fragrance, the words: 100% all natural, wild crafted, and organic are what makes the product worth using in your home and on your body.